NeuVue360 for Managed Service Providers


As an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP), we know the challenges that you face in the managed services industry.

It’s a crowded marketplace, but what defines your managed service offering is your breadth of experience, the quality of your partners, and efficiency.

Efficiency means faster, better, and integrated operations internally. But most importantly, it also means shortening the customer journey and delivering the best managed service experience.

Perhaps you already do this quite well. Or maybe you’ve identified areas in which your business could perform more effectively.

How do you take your managed services to the next level?

Or access live intelligence that informs your call handler of the customer’s need, before they’ve even picked up the phone.

How about total visual management of helpdesk tickets, based on urgency?

Perhaps you’d like to be able to automatically route customer calls to the right person more quickly – without an automated attendant.

Maybe you could benefit from Presence technology that helps you assess when and where you need to channel your resources.

What is neuvue360?


neuvue360 is a customer service software suite that brings together the best of customer service and business intelligence to enable data-driven decision-making.
Developed in-house by the Neuways business software experts, neuvue360 was designed to streamline the customer journey.

Ultimately, we built neuvue360 because we understand that when customers call their MSP, it’s typically because they need a problem solving immediately.

This means that they don’t want to have to ‘Press 1 for customer service’, be directed to different personnel each time they call, and have to provide a helpdesk number.

In short, you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to access your services.

This is essential if you’re a MSP.

And if you use ConnectWise, neuvue360 is the perfect fit for your business. neuvue360 integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise and merges with your existing IT and helpdesk function.


Why neuvue360 for Managed Service Providers?

Filter out the noise
If you’re a managed service provider, you deal in data – enormous amounts of data. The problem with this is that it creates a lot of noise. neuvue360 turns raw data into business intelligence through analytics and reporting tools, leading to better-informed decision-making.

Straightforward Resource Planning
neuvue360 uses advanced presence technology to monitor your call handlers’ availability. You can display both live and historic activity, including the reasoning for time away from the helpdesk and time spent on the telephone vs solutions found. This information, which can be shared with individuals, not only helps assess employee strengths and areas for extra training, but it also allows decision-makers to plan for periods of busyness and quiet spells.

Enhanced Visual Management
neuvue360 places helpdesk tickets in plain sight, using visual cues to highlight urgent customer needs. This assists your helpdesk with organising their workload and ticketing priorities. The visual management technology within neuvue360 can therefore help you drive SLA compliance – Neuways has never missed a SLA since implementing neuvue360!

Know Your Customer
Integrating with ConnectWise, neuvue360 analyses an incoming caller’s ID and matches it to a unique record in your CRM database. This advanced caller information is then relayed to your call handlers in order to better inform their customer service. When you initially contact an individual for the first time, neuvue360 builds a digital portfolio of that customer or prospect. Subsequent interactions build a bigger picture, allowing you to service customers with greater efficiency.

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